Small Group

Small Group incorporates important foundational exercise techniques along with a good solid workout. Believe us, you will SWEAT!  Try a FREE WEEK TRIAL

Members who would benefit from small group include someone who may need...

  • Foundational techniques to build up fitness safely and correctly
  • Low impact exercises
  • Core, stabilization, technique, form, mobility, stretching, foam rolling 
  • An alternative to our high intensity large group training
  • A confidence builder before going into large group training
  • Currently have an injury limiting them from running, jumping or being in a plank, push up ( other issues to work around )
  • A lower intensity workout 
  • A smaller group setting with more attention to each member

Why is Small Group So Important?

Without a solid base of good core strength, balance and mobility, a person is prone to injury.  Many people out there “look” strong, and ARE INDEED. But if they lack the proper form, mobility and technique from a functional standpoint, they are opening themselves up to injury, or to muscle imbalances that will lead to injury. 

This is Unique for a Gym in the Northampton, MA Area

Fitness Fusion is the only gym in the Easthampton / Northampton, MA area that incorporates such a high level of workout creativity and intensity with solid focus on the form and fundamentals which are so key for continued body health.

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Overcoming Diabetes: One Northampton, MA Gym Member's Story

"Brian's program and the congenial non-threatening environment of Fitness Fusion are a large piece of why I was able to overcome diabetes."

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Welcome to Our Judgement-Free Zone

Come find out how great it is to workout in this supportive atmosphere with people who are fun, friendly and who love to sweat! 


What's included in FUSE Group Training?

  • Carefully crafted workouts adjusted to your fitness level.
  • Skilled trainers at every workout motivating, correcting form, and educating you on proper workout techniques and exercises.
  • Free nutritional guidance.
  • Free 15 minute FUSE power meetings to discuss goals, take measurements, talk about nutrition, or address any issues.
  • Supportive, fun community that pushes and motivates you.
  • Unlimited monthly workouts.
  • Open gym to use our equipment and get your sweat on.
  • Monthly challenges, outside workouts & meet ups