Northampton, MA Member & Personal Fitness Training Client

As a former collegiate athlete (track & field), fitness has always been an important part of my life. So it’s no surprise that after the birth of my 4th child, I was hungry to get back in shape!

YMCA, p90X: Been There, Done That

The elliptical at the Y, followed by a cybex circuit, was great for a while. But I got bored and plateaued. Then, I discovered p90x and loved it! But after two rounds of it, I needed a change. I thought about cross-fit, but I'd heard too many stories of people getting really hurt or injured after a few months of doing crazy exercises with no real foundation. Plus, it's pretty pricey.

Still, I craved new moves. I missed the camaraderie of working out with a consistent group of people (a team!). And I missed having a coach.

At Fitness Fusion I get:

  1. Fun, unique, intense workouts -- carefully crafted to cover whole-body fitness and accessible to all levels.
  2. To exercise with genuinely hard-working peeps in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Sure, we all come to the gym with different strengths, weaknesses, body types, goals, challenges. But, everyone is working HARD at the right intensity for them.
  3. An expertly-qualified, approachable and creative “coach” in John Glynn. John moves through class instructing, encouraging, inspiring, and challenging each individual according to what’s right for that person.

Hurdling Again? 

In Jan/Feb 2013, I decided to train for 400 meter hurdles again. It’s always been a love of mine and I wanted to just go for it! But even talking about it with anyone felt completely out of my comfort zone. Was I crazy to want to do this? Could I even do it?

I knew it would take some specialized training and I knew I needed help. I began working with John in 1-1 personal training sessions. We collaborated to devise an overall training outline and we tapped college level track & field coaches that I’m connected with as a sounding board. Then, John crafted the workout specifics.

I was not surprised, but was still totally impressed that John’s instincts were always right on with coaching resources with decades of experience in hurdle and sprint training. What an incredible athletic journey this has been! It made me realize that even before the hurdle training, I wish I integrated some 1-1’s with my boot camps sooner. So much you can accomplish that way and it’s a great way to mix it up.

I always look forward to it. I always feel great when I’m done. Fitness Fusion is completely energizing!

Thanks for doing the work you do!

Christine's hurdle photo gallery is shown here with permission from, and special appreciation for, Kimberly Hatch Photography.